What you need to know about steel in the manufacturing world

Light steel framing has been introduced as a substitute for the block inner leaf in conventionally built housing, and has been marketed as not requiring significant changes to current practice. Contact us today.

However, theories of industrialised construction have long held that successful implementation of building systems requires a thorough re-evaluation of products, processes and practices.

Steel/metal fabricationThe Hi Spec project investigated the potential for light steel frame systems in a scenario where the constraint of emulating current practice and products has been lifted.

Recent shifts in the housing market and its regulatory framework, mean that this kind of innovation is increasingly required of an industry that has often been accused of being adverse to change. Click here.During the Hi Spec project, student architects designed housing ‘products’ that have market appeal and make effective use of light steel framing.

They were not required to reproduce current house- building products and practices, or to see themselves in the traditional architect’s role, but they were expected to take a robust attitude towards construction technology. See more information here.][/vc_column]

As a result their designs imply innovative practice for all those involved in the production of light steel frame houses.