Laser Cutting & Metal Folding in the Manufacturing Industry

Laser cutting and metal folding are two metalwork processes used to manipulate the size and shape of various metals such as aluminium and steel.

These processes can be used on a very small scale, such as for jewellery or on a much larger industrial scale.

Some industries which make use of laser cutting and metal folding are:

Laser cutting is capable of cutting intricate and complex shapes and designs from large to very small, including drilling holes.

Metal folding is the process of reshaping a piece of metal without adding or subtracting any material.

The shape is formed by folding the metal rather than cutting and shaping. Thus three-dimensional shapes can be created.

Bălţi The four main steps of metal folding are: Fold, Forge, Heat and Unfold.

These are the basic steps of how the machinery creates shaped and formed metal.

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You can read more about steel in manufacturing here. Metal injection molding is another process used in the production of a range of shapes in steel.

You can see how both of these processes are invaluable when manufacturing products. With advances in manufacturing technology, more innovative and revolutionary designs can be produced.

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