Top Architectural Contractors in the UK Our top 2 Architectural Contractors you should consider when undertaking property development


A Booming Industry with the Financial Backing Behind It

Property development is Roosendaal currently booming in the UK, with the highest amount of new housing builds in 2017 since the financial crash a little under a decade ago.

After securing the necessary finance to undertake a property development, the next stages are vital in ensuring you can recoup your initial investment whilst reaping the potential profits.

Our guide outlines two top architectural contractors that can help provide a plan and vision for your property development.


Moon designs and Moon builds combines two vital processes into one. The company has over 15 years of experience in delivering high-quality projects for the Bristol and Bath area.

“Moon can be viewed as a building firm with in-house architects or an architectural practice with its own building team.”

Moon offers a fantastic service in helping you with your property development and with them offering both designs and construction; they can be a vital partner for your project.

AV Architects

AV Architects is a boutique architectural company that offers its services in London, Kent, Sussex and Surrey. The company is based in Kent and has a team of talented designers and architects that are responsible for many incredible projects that look pleasing on the eye.

“AV Architects offers their architectural knowledge on a wide range of properties and can provide an invaluable insight in renovating properties with a modern, stylish flair.”

AV Architects specialise in re-modelling and extending current builds. However, they have vital experience in new builds too. AV Architects also have a wealth of grade-listed renovations too.

First-time property developers should always research the area and what services they can get. Make sure you plan ahead before undergoing your own property development and search for other architect companies that can aid you.