Four Steel Walls:

Project overview

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We welcome contact from anyone involved in research and

practice in this field, and are also happy to field general enquiries.

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Case studies- Iron and steel housing in the UK:

Two recent projects that have used light steel framing in an

innovative way- Greenwich Millennium Village and Oakridge in

Basingstoke- have been examined as case studies. Some images

and brief explanatory notes are available.A number of historic

house types are also presented. Find out more...

Hi Spec: New house types for the English spec market:

This project investigated the use of light steel frame systems in

the design of innovative housing. Diploma in Architecture students

employed Ayrshire's Steel Frame system in their designs. The

research sponsor was Redrow Homes. Find out more...

Innovation and the English housing market:

The successful application of innovation requires an appreciation

of the cultural, economic and regulatory context. Research into

drivers and barriers to change, and the reaction of the house

buying public. Find out more...

Global application of a steel frame systems: Bioclimatic


This project investigated the potential for steel frame systems to

be used in a global context. Four 'bioclimatic' houses were

designed, one for each of the world's major climatic zones.

Sponsor: British Steel/Corus. Find out more...

Future research interests:

Future research will focus on the UK housing market. The key

areas for investigation include the marketing of steel frame

houses, consumer perceptions of steel homes and the integration

of energy saving technologies. Find out more...