Fibreglass in the Manufacturing Industry

What is fibreglass made of?

Fibreglass is a composite material of plastic that has been reinforced with glass fibres.

It can be used in place of or in conjunction with steel and other materials.

can you buy Lyrica in mexico Fibreglass Manufacture by Stuart Pease Design & EngineeringThe raw materials used to manufacture fibreglass products are a combination of the following:

  • silica sand
  • limestone
  • soda ash
  • calcined alumina
  • borax
  • feldspar
  • nepheline syenite
  • magnesite
  • kaolin clay

What is fibreglass used for?

Fibreglass, also known as glass-reinforced plastic or GRP can be used in manufacturing to produce moulded products. Have a look at our case studies.

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São José de Ribamar Common uses for fibreglass:

  • Industrial – bulk storage tanks, HazMat containers
  • POS display – large scale signage and displays
  • Construction – architectural fibreglass mouldings like bespoke wet rooms
  • Leisure – theme park rides, water rides
  • Manufacturing– production of individual or large numbers of moulded products
  • Automotive– lightweight car bodywork, aerospace
  • Sustainability – for example, wind energy generators

Fibreglass Fabricators in the UK

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