Four Steel Walls:

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Main contact:

Tom Hughes

2hD Architects

8 Dale Street



+44 (0) 115 9419766

Steel frame housing companies, UK:

Icarus Steel

Excel Structures Ltd

Ayrframe (Ayrshire Steel Framing)

Tata Steel

Metsec (Metframe)




Fusion Building Systems

Metek (Metek Building System)


Design for Homes

The House Builders' Federation

Housing Forum - Innovation in House Building

Construction innovation:

Building Research Establishment

The Movement for Innovation

Construction Industry Council

Cherry Tree Builders


Dr Tom Hughes research profile

Architectural Design Global Difference research group

Nottingham Trent University Centre for Residential Development

Robert Gordon University: Perceptions of prefabricated housing

Steel organisations and related companies:

International Iron and Steel Institute

Swedish Institute of Steel Construction (SBI)


The Steel Construction Institute

Tata Steel Construction Centre

Permarock (external wall insulation)

BRE publications on steel framed and clad house types

Each entry lists report number and then house type. The reports

are available from the BRE bookshop

" BR77 BISF British Iron Steel Federation House

" BR78 The Howard steel-framed houses

" BR110 Dorlonco steel-framed houses

" BR111 Thorncliffe cast-iron panel houses

" BR113 Steel-framed and steel-clad houses: inspection and


" BR119 Roften steel-framed houses

" BR120 Dennis-Wild steel-framed houses

" BR132 Cussins steel-framed houses

" BR133 Livett-Cartwright steel-framed houses

" BR139 Cruden Rural steel-framed houses

" BR144 Falkiner-Nuttall steel-framed houses

" BR145 Crane steel-framed bungalows

" BR146 Trusteel MkII steel-framed houses

" BR147 Trusteel 3M steel-framed houses

" BR148 Atholl steel-framed, steel-clad houses

" BR149 Dorlonco steel-framed houses (Supplement to BR110)

" BR152 Hawthorn Leslie steel-framed houses

" BR163 Nissen-Petren SFH

" BR188 Lowton-Cubitt Steel-framed houses

" BR189 Telford steel-clad houses

" BR193 Cranwell steel-framed houses

" BR196 Birmingham corporation SFH

" BR197 Hills Presweld steel-framed houses

" BR198 Arcal steel-framed houses

" BR199 Homeville Industrialised steel-framed houses

" BR200 5M steel-framed houses

" BR201 Arrowhead SFH

" BR202 British housing SFH

" BR203 Keyhouse unibuilt SFH

" BR204 Open System Building steel-framed houses

" BR205 Steane SFH

" BR217 Cowieson Steel-clad Houses

" BR218 Weir steel-clad (1920s) houses

" BR219 Stuart steel-framed houses

" BR221 Riley steel-framed houses

" BR222 Coventry Corporation steel-framed houses

SCI publications on light steel framing

These books and reports are available from the SCI bookshop

" R M Lawson (Ed) "Better Value in Steel: Light Steel Framing in

Renovation" 2001

" M T Gorgolewski, P J Grubb & R M Lawson "Building design

using cold formed steel sections: Light steel framing in residential

construction" 2001

" M Hillier, R M Lawson and M Gorgolewski "Over-roofing of

existing buildings using light steel" 1998

" M.T. Gorgolewski G.H. Couchman "Acoustic Performance of

Light Steel Framed Systems: Meeting the new requirements of

Part E of the Building Regulations (2003)" 2003

" R M Lawson "Over-cladding of existing buildings using light

steel" 1998

" A L Rogan and R M Lawson "Building design using cold formed

steel sections: Value and benefit assessment of light steel framing

in housing" 1998

" R M Lawson, P J Grubb, J Prewer & P J Trebilcock "Modular

construction using light steel framing: An architects guide" 1999

" M T Gorgolewski, P J Grubb & R M Lawson "Modular

construction using light steel framing: Residential buildings" 2001

" SCI "Case studies on light steel framing - A" 1997

" SCI "Case studies in light steel framing - B" 2000

" SCI "Energy Efficient Housing Using Light Steel Framing. How to

meet proposed new requirements of Part L of the Building

Regulations." 2002

" S O Popo-Ola, A R Biddle, R M Lawson "Durability of light steel

framing in residential building" 2000

" SCI "Demonstration of SureBuild framing at Oxford Brookes

University" 1997