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UK steel framed housing case studies:

Greenwich Millennium Village
Light steel framing has been used for the Greenwich Millennium Village Phase 2b housing designed by Proctor and Matthews Architects. An on-site rolling mill has been used to produce steel components for the housing, which has been designed with a high level of variety in both plan form and elevational treatment.

Oakridge Estate, Basingstoke
Light steel frame panels have been applied in low rise housing designed by Hunt Thompson Architects. A varied street scene was produced by using bay and dormer elements on essentially standardised house types.

British Iron and Steel Federation houses
The BISF was an association of steel producers, formed in 1934 in order to provide central planning for the industry. It sponsored a solution for permanent steel framed housing to a design by architect Sir Frederick Gibberd, 36,000 of which were built during the 1940s and early 50s.

Dorlonco houses
The Dorlonco system is considered to be the most successful of the post-WWI house types, in terms of both commercial viability and longevity of production, with some examples dating from post-WWII period. Originally built to house workers and their families of the Dorman Long Company at Dormanstown, the first demonstration houses were built in 1919.

Other house types:
Many other iron and steel house types have been produced in the UK since the 19th century (when iron framed and clad houses were first produced for export to the colonies). Some of them are listed here.

GMV Greenwich Millennium Village
Oakridge Oakridge, Basingstoke
Dorlonco Dorlonco Houses
Other Other house types
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