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Other steel house types

Four types of steel framed and steel clad houses have been classified by the BRE [Harrison, H "Steel framed and steel clad houses: inspection and assessment" Building Research Establishment, Garston, 1987]:

Type 1: Framed, with outer leaves of brick or other masonry, or clad with render on mesh
Type 2: Framed, concrete panel clad
Type 4: Load bearing panels
Type 3: Framed, sheet clad

The simplified diagrams presented here are based on this classification system.

BRE publications on steel framed and clad house types:

Each entry lists report number and then house type. The reports are available from the BRE bookshop
" BR77 BISF British Iron Steel Federation House
" BR78 The Howard steel-framed houses
" BR110 Dorlonco steel-framed houses
" BR111 Thorncliffe cast-iron panel houses
" BR113 Steel-framed and steel-clad houses: inspection and assessment
" BR119 Roften steel-framed houses
" BR120 Dennis-Wild steel-framed houses
" BR132 Cussins steel-framed houses
" BR133 Livett-Cartwright steel-framed houses
" BR139 Cruden Rural steel-framed houses
" BR144 Falkiner-Nuttall steel-framed houses
" BR145 Crane steel-framed bungalows
" BR146 Trusteel MkII steel-framed houses
" BR147 Trusteel 3M steel-framed houses
" BR148 Atholl steel-framed, steel-clad houses
" BR149 Dorlonco steel-framed houses (Supplement to BR110)
" BR152 Hawthorn Leslie steel-framed houses
" BR163 Nissen-Petren SFH
" BR188 Lowton-Cubitt Steel-framed houses
" BR189 Telford steel-clad houses
" BR193 Cranwell steel-framed houses
" BR196 Birmingham corporation SFH
" BR197 Hills Presweld steel-framed houses
" BR198 Arcal steel-framed houses
" BR199 Homeville Industrialised steel-framed houses
" BR200 5M steel-framed houses
" BR201 Arrowhead SFH
" BR202 British housing SFH
" BR203 Keyhouse unibuilt SFH
" BR204 Open System Building steel-framed houses
" BR205 Steane SFH
" BR217 Cowieson Steel-clad Houses
" BR218 Weir steel-clad (1920s) houses
" BR219 Stuart steel-framed houses
" BR221 Riley steel-framed houses
" BR222 Coventry Corporation steel-framed houses

Concrete clad Type 1: Framed, outer skin of brick, masonry or render (modern LSF system illustrated). [480x640]
Concrete clad Type 2: Framed, concrete panel clad
Steel and iron clad Type 3: Framed, sheet clad.
Concrete clad Type 4: Load bearing panels
Concrete clad All four types compared
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